maandag 24 januari 2011

broken elbow

I fell on the icy street on 29/12/2010 and my elbow was broken in many pieces,I had on 3/1/2011 an operation . I came home again 6/01/2011.
op een spekgladde straat gevallen met als resultaat een elleboog in stukjes,bij de operatie hebben ze er heel wat pennen in gezet.

before the operation 

 after the operation

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  1. This must have been and still is very painful! I wish you a quick and speedy recovery. I think it will take a year to feel like normal again. I had surgery on my elbow to reattach my tendons that tore off. And it took a year (off and on) of physical therapy before my elbow felt good again. Be patient and keep up with the physical therapy to exercise the elbow. Good Luck!